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Back Pain or Neck Pain? We Have The Answers.

Back pain and treatments range from conservative care to injections to spine surgery. Innovative Spine and Orthopedic clinic deliver a customized treatment plan specifically for you and your spine issues. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all care and have the resources and knowledge to offer the latest technology and most effective treatments. Learn about some of our treatment options below or make an appointment today.

The Innovative Spine & Orthopedic Clinic, led by Dr. Hongbo Liu, MD, is a well-known and respected San Antonio spine practice. Dr. Liu has treated many happy San Antonio patients for years and specializes in the treatment of spine disorders for adult and pediatric patients. Dr. Liu is an orthopedic spine surgeon dedicated to providing a full range of innovative treatment options such as minimally invasive spine surgery, to promote quick recovery and less pain. Other treatments that Dr. Liu specializes in are kyphoplasty, spinal fracture, and compression fracture surgery. Whether you or a loved one needs to come in because of neck pain, back pain, spine deformity, or spine injuries, Dr. Liu and his team are committed to helping you feel better. The core belief of our practice is that each patient’s condition is unique, and our goal is to provide the most appropriate technologies, nonsurgical treatments, or surgical treatments, that are tailored to your spinal condition. Dr. Liu and his team believe in quality and excellence, and strive to provide premier orthopedic care and spine care with compassion, respect, and professionalism.

New Technology Spotlight!

Visit our office to find out if you are a candidate for artificial disc replacement.

The treatment goal of the prodisc C Total Disc Replacement is to restore the normal dynamic function of the spine and to significantly reduce pain. Prior to the development of artificial discs the only surgical option was a fusion, in which adjacent vertebral bodies are “fused together” permanently using implants, bone chips and/or cages.

ProDisc-C artificial cervical disc replacement is offered to patients with severe disc herniation or with degenerative disc disease. Normally, in such patients, spinal fusion is offered as a sole procedure, but given the loss of neck mobility that accompanies this, cervical disc replacement is now being offered a lot more.

Back Pain? It May Be a Compression Fracture.

Back Pain may be caused by fractures within the bones that make up your spine. Up to 1.4 million people worldwide per year get Vertebral Compression Fractures, but more than 2/3 of these fractures go undiagnosed.

As we get older, our bones become more porous and can fracture more easily. These fractures may be very tiny but over time can cause the vertebra (the bones of your spine) to compress and settle down on to nerves and cause pain in your back. If you’ve lost height as you’ve gotten older, you may have compression fractures now, even if you have no pain.

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