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M. Bates

I highly recommend Dr. Liu to anyone that is having issues with their back. My profession is a fishing guide and tournament angler. I am constantly standing up most of the day.  I developed a sharp pain down my left leg from my hip to my big toe.   After X- rays and a MRI my primary Doctor referred my to see Dr. Liu. He assessed my condition and quickly determined what was wrong with me.   We tried spinal injections, physical therapy, and pain management but nothing seemed to work. So it was determined I needed to have back surgery. In my case I needed back fusion surgery because my L5-S1 vertebrae was broken.  Thru the whole process Dr. Liu and his staff were amazing. During my stay at the hospital Dr. Liu came by everyday to check on my progress. He planned out my full  schedule of rehabilitation. I now have a new bone fused in place and no pain in my leg . I am now back to fishing and normal daily activities. I am truly thankful to Dr. Liu for giving me my life back without pain. Stop living with back pain.  Do yourself a favor and give him a call.

C. Cornelissens

I came in to see Dr. Liu barely able to walk and in horrible pain. He and his professional team pushed forward xrays, scans, etc. so that he could correctly evaluate my condition quickly. Lorna at his office is amazing with patient care, getting you ready for surgery or obtaining answers to your questions or concerns. Every step of the way, Dr. Liu makes sure you are as comfortable as possible, educated to what he needs to do and aware of what your participation in the healing process needs to be. Through his office, he is available for your questions. If, however, you feel the need to speak with him directly, he is there for you. I would highly recommend Dr. Liu to my family and friends confident that they will get extraordinary patient care with the best results for their situation.

J.H. from San Antonio

After 8 years of steroid injections for a herniated lumbar disk, my leg pain was getting worse. My PCP sent me for an MRI and then referred me to Dr. Liu. He confirmed that I had spinal stenosis and also a cyst that was pressing on my nerves. My experience with the surgery was excellent. Before, during, and after surgery, Dr. Liu was gentle and caring in his treatment. My stay in the new orthopedic hospital was wonderful, and the visiting nurse was excellent. If you have any kind of back problem, I would highly recommend Dr. Liu and his whole team.

J.G. from San Antonio

I had a herniated dis in my neck between C5-C6 that was impinging on a nerve. I also had bone spurs in that area that were another complication. Dr. Liu and his team were able to surgically solve the problem with ACDF surgery. I was most pleased with his genuine concern and meticulous attention to every detail. He came everyday while I was in the hospital and addressed any concerns I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Liu for any spine condition and spine surgery. He is extremely kind and professional in every way. I felt very confident under his care.

G.H. from San Antonio

When I started with Dr. Liu, I was unable to walk without a cane. I had my issue treated by another doctor for a long period of time without any meaningful results. With Dr. Liu he diagnosed my issue and corrected it immediately. After the operation, I was pain free and able to walk without assistance. Dr. Liu is professional and detail oriented. Preoperative preparation was outstanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Liu to family and friends.

M.S. from San Antonio

I had massive back and leg pain for over 8 years. Dr. Liu did surgery on me. Now I can do the things that I was not able to do. Dr. Liu was also able to help me get off all of my pain medications. Dr. Liu is amazing. He is very thorough and very confident with his work. Dr. Liu and his team helped with everything and they answered questions and even opened doors for their patients. Dr. Liu checked on everything and kept me and my other doctors up to date with my recovery. Now I feel more energized.

M.D. from San Antonio

I have gone from severe pain to no back pain in such as short period of time. Dr. Liu is the most competent spine specialist you can find in this area. Dr. Liu’s team took care of everything! All appointments were scheduled for me and all I had to do was picking the day and time. I have told everyone I have talked to about how competent Dr. Liu is as a spine specialist. Verdie, the receptionist, is a special lady! Dr. Liu and his team is the best and I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my treatment. I wish I could go to this Doctor for everything!

D.M. from San Antonio

Dr. Liu and his team had everything done as smooth as possible. They don’t treat you like number; instead they treat you like one of their own. I am a student and need to get back to school and Dr. Liu and his team were flexible with the timing. I am grateful for the dedication they have no matter what the situation was. Thank you for making this experience a great one!

C.F. from San Antonio

I suffered severe debilitating sciatic pain for about a year and had gone through several failed treatment plans with other doctors. On first visit with Dr. Liu, he thoroughly examined my lumbar spine MRI results and actually compared them to a previous MRI I had done a couple of years earlier. He even showed me both MRI results before giving me a physical exam and questioned me on my symptoms. Based on his findings, he was able to make an accurate diagnosis and suggest a surgical procedure – laminontomy/discectomy – to relieve my chronic pain. Dr. Liu discussed details of the procedure, postoperative rehabilitation and answered all my question regarding benefits and risks of surgery. The surgery was a success! My sciatic pain is gone! I totally recommend Dr. Hongbo Liu to ANYONE who has severe spinal pian. No other doctor that I had gone to was as detail oriented and thorough and compassionate as Dr. Liu. Absolutely a great doctor!

B.H. from San Antonio

Dr. Liu has helped me tremendously with surgery on my neck. I had severe pain and numbness in my hands & arms. I dropped things constantly. After surgery, I now have no pain in my neck and am doing great. Dr. Liu was constantly in the loop, starting with surgery through recovery in the hospital and after being released. He had nurses report to him daily when changing dressings, constantly working on me and with me. Dr. Liu is very hands on through every step of the way. He stands highly recommended in my opinion. He has done everything I could have expected and much more. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone. Dr. Liu treated me like family from the time I met him until being released. His staff is very good with every aspect of the job as well as being very friendly and professional.

L.K. from San Antonio

I have had neck pain for 4 years and it significantly impacted my daily activity ability and quality of life. The first day when I walked in to the office, Dr. Liu seemed already prepared to help me with my problem. I will be honest and say that I was a bit nervous about surgery but Dr. Liu’s confidence helped me. Dr. Liu and his team have been up to date and also on everything needed before, during, and after surgery. The two ladies who work with Dr. Liu were always helpful and kept me updated on all paperwork and medical tests needed. At 12-week post surgery, I have very little or no pain, and no shoulder/arm weakness. Nerve problems have also become significantly less or not at all. Eighty percent of my daily activity ability recovered. I have strongly recommended Dr. Liu and his team to others who have acknowledged the difference of me before and after the surgery.

S.S. from San Antonio

I first visited Dr. Liu 12/2/15 when I was having terrible back pain, with shooting pain down both legs. After seeing both the X-rays & the MRI, Dr. Liu diagnosed severe stenosis in the lower lumbar. He recommended the epidural shot, which I did. It relieved the pain for about 10 days, and then then it was back. Next he suggested minimally invasive surgery to correct the problem. He didn’t rush me into the OR, instead he waited a month, and at the next consultation, my pain was greatly reduced. Dr. Liu said that I did not have to have the surgery! Yay! He did stress exercising, and I’ve been able to walk 1 mile per day for about 6 weeks, and I have very little pain. I also do not need any pain medications.

R.P. from New Braunfels, TX

Dr. Liu operated on my father in February of 2016. He had pain down both legs and his back, and he had a hard time getting around. After a shot and 3 weeks after surgery, he is pain free and getting around better than he had been able to in years. Dr. Liu and his staff are excellent. Dr. Liu would call the Rehab Facility every day to check on my father’s progress. Not only that, but he would call me as well. I am 59 years old and NO other doctor has ever done that before. My mom had been sick for several years before we lost her, and no other doctor had called me about her. My father and my sisters and I love Dr. Liu. Dr. Liu, you have gone over and beyond anything we ever expected, and we Thank You truly from the bottom of our hearts. God bless you! You do excellent work!

D.H. from San Antonio

I am very happy to be seen by Doc Liu. He has been a great help to me. I have been in pain for years and he was able to figure out why. Dr. Liu is to the point, and I like that. I will let others know about his work, and how good of a doctor he is.

A.P. from San Antonio

Hi, my name is Alissa Patton. I had surgery on Feb 24, 2016. I had pain for 8.5 years and now I am pain free thanks to Dr. Liu. I do recommend him to anyone.

P.C. from San Antonio

Hello, my name is Pam Cole, and I am a patient of Dr. Liu. I had back surgery on 3/16/16. I have been pain free from day 1 after surgery. I would like to express how wonderful it has been. The office girls are great, they listen to my cries and complaints that I had while I was in pain. They calmed me down and helped me in every way that they could. They were always there when I needed them, and I can’t thank them enough. Dr. Liu was awesome in everything that he did. He understood the pain that I was in and was able to help me out swiftly, and he was very professional. He made sure that everything was done in a timely manner. The hospital he sent me to is also a great place to be, if you have to go to one lol. I could not have asked for better care from such a great group of people. I learned that Dr. Liu is particular about how he wants things to be done, and now I understand why that is. All you have to do is put yourself in his hands and let him do his work, and he will make you better. Believe me, and I would recommend him to anyone.

The Navara Family

We are the Nava family, and our son Eric Nava who was 16 years old needed help. As parents, we worry about our children, but we worry even more when we feel helpless in finding an answer to a problem they may have. When Eric was 14 he thought he pulled a muscle during track, we went to our doctor who prescribed rest and pain meds. When 6 months passed and nothing helped, we went to see our doctor again who sent us in for X-rays, MRI etc. We found out that he had problems with his L4-L5-S1. The only option given to us was Pain Management, so basically shots in his spine, which would only last 3 months, or less. To be honest, this was just a temporary fix and having our son on pain pills everyday was not something we were comfortable doing. This went on for a year, and we knew we needed to do something more for our son. Here, in turn, is where Dr. Liu comes in. We researched and looked for the best Pediatric Neurosurgeon in the San Antonio area. We had all of our X-rays, MRIs, and Cat Scan records. It took Dr. Liu just one exam, and a review of his records to see that what our son needed was surgery. Dr. Liu walked us step by step through what was going to happen with Eric. Within the next 2 weeks, after all the tests and blood work were done, we prepared for the surgery we had been waiting for. It was a long process, but Dr. Liu kept us informed all along the way. Eric was placed in the pediatric unit for the next 5 days. During this time, we experienced the best care by Dr. Liu as he called the nurses station every morning and evening. He also called our room everyday to speak to me personally to see how Eric was doing. He came to the hospital everyday and changed Eric’s bandages himself. The staff at the hospital was so impressed with how involved he was with his patients as well as the hands on care that he gave us.After being sent home from the hospital, the amazing care and service that Dr. Liu provided continued on with home care for 3 weeks. The follow up visits with Dr. Liu allowed us to see the progress Eric was making. We then followed with 6 weeks of Physical Therapy.

Our son Eric plays football for The Steele Knights. Thanks to Dr. Liu, Eric went into surgery on March 18th, 2015, and he was back playing 7 on 7 football in July of 2015, and he was back in pads at the start of football season in August. He started every game of his Junior year for the Steele Knights. By the end of the season Eric was moved to Varsity where he has improved his speed and his strength. Eric is now pain free and medication free all thanks to Dr. Liu.

It has been a little over a year and I thank God everyday for putting us on the right path to meet Dr. Liu. We can never thank him enough for all he has done for our son.